Shaw meets your needs for business communication

At Shaw Business, we are creating customer connections by offering International carriers a trusted network providing high-capacity, leading-edge services that extends your business reach across Canada, so your customers won’t miss a thing. 

Data Services

Includes multiple Private Line or switched Ethernet connection options, including speed options from 1Mbps – 100Gbps which can support a wide variety of your customer QoS requirements and transport requirements. 

Internet Services

We offer fully scalable coaxial or fiber-optic based direct Internet access with a customer experience that is second to none.  Comprehensive bandwidth and price point options address a broad range of customer requirements.

Video Broadcast Services

As one of Canada’s leading broadcast video distribution, media content and delivery companies, Shaw offers cutting-edge technology with maximum flexibility on one of North America’s most reliable fiber-based HD delivery networks.

Oil & Gas Network Services

We have the breadth of services and network reach to handle all of your customers corporate connectivity needs, from across town to remote oil sands locations.

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